Neil Grigg's assignments include policy-level advisory work for national and state water and infrastructure panels, as well as for several other countries, including Colombia, Egypt, Brazil, and Somalia. He has a working capability in Spanish and Portuguese and a limited capability in several other languages.

Neil Grigg studies water management as a systems issue to help society apply integrated approaches to use and sustain its water resources. He has been North Carolina's Assistant Secretary for Natural Resources and played a key role in establishing the Division of Water Resources. He was appointed by the Supreme Court to be River Master of the Pecos River, and he has been involved in many water planning and interstate compact issues, as well as water policy projects in several countries. His graduate course in water resources management includes sections on planning and policy; water law; systems analysis; economic evaluation; and case study analysis. He is author of Total Water Management: Leadership Practices for a Sustainable Future (AWWA, 2008); Water Managers Handbook: A Guide to the Water Industry (Aquamedia, 2005); Colorado's Water: Science and Management, History and Politics (Aquamedia, 2003); and Water Resources Management: Principles, Regulations, and Cases (McGraw-Hill, 1996).

Neil also studies public works, utility, and water industry management to help society organize and manage its infrastructure institutions to support economic development and protect the environment. His work in infrastructure engineering—especially water pipe engineering—aims to develop engineering and management methods that improve performance from public and private investments. He has been a consulting engineer on numerous municipal projects, has participated on government infrastructure policy panels, and has been a member and officer of several infrastructure associations, including the Board of Directors of the American Public Works Association. He serves as an expert advisor to the Infrastructure Research Advisory Committee of the Water Research Foundation. He has developed a graduate course in Infrastructure and Utility Management and is author of: Water and Wastewater Workforce: Strategies for High Performance Utilities (AWWA, 2009 in press); Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Infrastructure Management (Lewis, 2003); Infrastructure Engineering and Management (Wiley, 1988); and Urban Water Infrastructure: Planning, Management, and Operations (Wiley, 1986).