Below are shown the Engineering Electives (6 credits required) and Technical Electives (3 credits required) that may be taken for the Environmental Engineering degree program

Engineering Electives (6 credits required – each course = 3 credits unless noted) Technical Electives (3 credits required – each course = 3 credits unless noted)
General Electives
CIVE 305 Intermediate AutoCAD NR 322 Introduction to Geographic Info Systems (4 credits)
CIVE 511 Coastal Engineering NR 323 Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
CIVE 512 Irrigation Engineering
CIVE 514 Hydraulic Structures
CIVE 533 Biomolecular Tools for Engineers
Air/Climate Concentration
ATS 350 Introduction to Weather and Climate
ATS 555 Air Pollution
ERHS 448 Environmental Contaminants: Exposure and Fate
ESS 524 Foundations for Carbon/Greenhouse Gas Management
Ecological Concentration
CIVE 330 Ecological Engineering BZ 471 Stream Biology and Ecology
CIVE 413 Environmental River Mechanics BZ 472 Stream Biology and Ecology Lab (1 credit)
CIVE 440 Non-point Source BZ 474 Limnology
CIVE 521 Pollution Hydrometry LIFE 320 Ecology
CIVE 524 Modeling Watershed Hydrology RS 478 Ecological Restoration
Energy Concentration
MECH 330 Energy Engineering
CIVE 424 Modern Oil and Gas
CIVE 532 Wells and Pumps AREC 444 Economics of Energy Resources
Engineering Management Concentration
ENGR 501 Foundations of Systems Engineering MGT 305 Fundamentals of Management
ENGR 502 Engineering Project and Program Management MGT 310 Human Resources Management
CIVE 574 Civil Engineering Project Management MGT 320 Contemporary Management Principles/Practices
Environmental Policy Concentration
CIVE 525 Water Engineering:  International Development AREC 340 Introduction-Economics of Natural Resources
CIVE 544 Water Resource Planning and Management AREC 342 Water Law, Policies, and Institutions
JTC 461 Writing About Science, Health, and Environment
Hazardous Waste and Remediation Concentration
CIVE 423 Groundwater Engineering SOCR 455 Soil Microbiology
CIVE 458 Environmental Geotechnics SOCR 467 Soil and Environmental Chemistry
CIVE 531 Groundwater Hydrology SOCR 470 Soil Physics
CIVE 558 Containment Systems for Waste Disposal
Urban Water/Public Health Concentration
CIVE 530 Environmental Engineering at the Water-Energy-Health Nexus ERHS 320 Environmental Health – Water and Food Safety
CIVE 538 Aqueous Chemistry PSY 517 Perspectives in Global Health
CIVE 540 Advanced Biological Wastewater Processing
CIVE 541 Physical Chemical Water Treatment Processes (3 Credits)
CIVE 572 Analysis of Urban Water Systems
CIVE 575 Sustainable Water and Waste Management
CIVE 576 Engineering Applications of GIS and GPS
CIVE 578 Infrastructure and Utility and Management