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2020 Borland Hydrology Professorial Scholarship

We are pleased to announce a call for a Summer 2020 Civil and Environmental Engineering Borland Hydrology Professorial Scholarship.

The purpose of the Borland Hydrology Professorial Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a Hydrology graduate student, made available for the best research-oriented students in Hydrology.  The criteria used for this scholarship include: Academic excellence in Hydrology; must be a graduate student in the Hydrology program; and must be performing graduate research in collaboration with the Borland Chair in Hydrology, Jeffrey Niemann.

To be considered, students should download and submit the application to both Dr. Jeff Niemann at and Laurie Alburn at

The deadline for receipt of the application is by noon on Thursday, July 2, 2020.


We are pleased to announce a call for 2019-2020 Civil Engineering graduate student scholarship applications for  current graduate students to be awarded in the Fall 2019. A “current” graduate student is one who has completed at least one-full semester in graduate school at Colorado State University. The student must be enrolled in at least 1 regular credit hour – continuing registration does not apply.

To be considered, students should submit one application for all scholarships available. There are a number of Civil Engineering Graduate Scholarships that cover all areas of civil engineering. Please note, many of these scholarships require the student be a full- time student (9 credit hours), but not all.

The deadline for receipt of applications is by 4:00 P.M on Friday September 6 to Laurie Alburn, Department of Civil Engineering, A201A Engineering Building. Please put completed applications in an envelope in Laurie’s mailbox, or drop the application off to her office.

APPLICATION: CEE Scholarship Application 2019:

Additional Required Information:

o Type “N/A” under essays.

o International students: Please go as far as you can in the FAFSA and submit. Financial Aid will review what you have completed and submitted.