CSU Team Wins Award for Irrigation Scheduling Tool

The American Society of Agronomy has awarded a 2016 ASA Educational Materials Award to a team of CSU faculty and staff for their irrigation scheduling tool, WISE (Water Irrigation Scheduler for Efficient Application). WISE is a cloud-based application hosted on the eRAMS platform. The goal of this tool is to make irrigation scheduling both convenient and as cost-effective as possible, maximizing crop yield while minimizing excess irrigation.

Members of the WISE development team are:

  • Allan Andales, Associate Professor of Soil and Crop Sciences
  • Mazdak Arabi, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Troy Bauder, Water Quality Specialist
  • Erik Wardle, Assistant Water Quality Specialist
  • Kyle Traff, Software Engineer
  • Andy Bartlett, Associate Professor of Soils/Agronomy (Northeastern Junior College)

Congratulations to the team on their award! Explore the WISE tool.