Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Computer Applications in Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management

International School for Water Resources

Outline of Special Training in Computer Applications in Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management (one semester)

First Week:

Orientation and Planning

Arrival in Fort Collins. Settling into housing. Orientation to Fort Collins and Colorado State University. In-depth planning of training program with Dr. Robert W. Ward. Introduction to research library and computing facilities.

Fall Semester Classes Begin

The participant will attend two graduate courses and perhaps audit an additional course at CSU. These courses will be selected in consultation with Dr. Ward. Potential courses of interest are shown in the following list:

CIVE 544 – Water Resources Planning and Management
ER 510 – Watershed Management in Developing Countries
AE 535 – Water Quality Management
AE 535 – Surface Irrigation Systems

Initial Introduction to Microcomputing

Introduction to the use of microcomputers as a tool for river basin and project management, including hands-on experience with word-processing, spreadsheet, project management and graphics software. Development of skills needed to implement software for project management, systems analysis and modeling. Introduction to water management software for reservoirs and river basins.

Special Training on Decision Support Systems (2 hrs per week)

Special training and guided study by Dr. Darrell Fontane on designing and implementing decision support systems for management of water resources: reservoir management concepts, streamflow hydrologic analysis, selection of critical flow periods, reservoir planning and operational objectives, hydrologic reservoir sizing, environmental considerations, development of reservoir operational rules, strategies of optimally distributing irrigation shortages, simulation and optimization models for reservoir sizing and operational analysis, irrigation system models, systems analysis methodologies and reservoir decision support system concepts.

Introduction and hands-on experience using available simulation and optimization models for reservoir sizing and operational analysis, spreadsheets for hydrologic analysis and reservoir simulation, irrigation analysis software and the use of a generalized reservoir decision support system.

Field Trips – Exact Times to be Arranged

Visit to U. S. Bureau of Reclamation Offices Tour of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District and Western Area Power Administration Loveland Office

Discussion with USBR engineers and managers regarding water resources planning, management and operation in the western U.S. with specific attention given to the Colorado River System.

Guided tour of the Colorado Big Thompson project and irrigation-delivery facilities (serving hundreds of thousands of irrigated hectares in northeastern Colorado) managed by the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. Discussions with District personnel regarding modern systems management and the use of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Tour of the Loveland Integrated Hydropower and Water Supply Integrated Control Center. Discussion with WAPA engineers regarding integrated hydropower management.