Chandler Croneigh – Internship Experience

Chandler Croneigh

My name is Chandler Croneigh and I am a senior Civil Engineering student, graduating this semester. I have really enjoyed my time at CSU among my peers and instructors, but I am ready to begin my career.

I have had two invaluable summer internships:

Summer 2014: Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. – Vernon Hills, IL

GHA is a multidisciplinary Municipal Engineering firm, reviewing plans for city/state authorities. I spent most of my time in the office, but also did some field work. I worked with project managers on a variety of projects regarding easements, drainage, grading, and construction observation. I worked with AutoCAD and GIS a lot, improving my technical skills. It was a great company to work for because they focus a lot of attention of their interns. They were very supportive and I enjoyed working with the other engineers and interns.v

Summer 2015: Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. – Denver, CO

KHA is a civil engineering consulting firm that assists with both public and private projects. I worked primarily with the Land Development department. The majority of my time was spent in the office, working with AutoCAD on construction documents. I learned a lot about the elements of design for developments, particularly urban apartment buildings. It involved many aspects, including stormwater management, utilities, and signage/striping of surrounding streets. I also enjoyed my time with the other interns and engineers.

At both internships, I was fortunate to work with caring and supportive engineers who were willing to sacrifice their time to help me with tasks. As an intern, I think I was treated with more attention than the average company. Being immersed in the professional environment has given me an idea of what it means to be a civil engineer day-to-day and what to expect in my career. This is difficult to understand while only taking classes. I would highly recommend pursuing summer internships in addition to academia.