CEE alumnus, researchers, students contribute to state-of-the-art sewer-heat recovery system

Alumnus Jim McQuarrie, Professor Ken Carlson, senior research manager Asma Hanif and an undergraduate student design team were involved in conceptualizing the state-of-the-art sewer-heat recovery system at the National Western Center and CSU Spur. The system produces clean energy from dirty water and is the largest of its kind in North America.

“This project opened my eyes to heat recovery, which makes so much sense when thinking about all the hot water we use in America,” said Natalie Thompson, who led the student team. “It made me see that we should not view wastewater as a waste, but as an opportunity. That really shifted my perspective as someone who has always been inspired by sustainability.”

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SPUR energy district diagram
The sewer-heat recovery system extracts heat from wastewater in the wintertime and uses it to warm buildings. In the summertime, the system reverses and rejects heat to cool buildings. Illustration: National Western Center Authority