Arabi and Sharvelle receive the 2021 Wesley W. Horner Award for Paper


Professors Mazdak Arabi and Sybil Sharvelle have been awarded the Wesley W. Horner Award by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Environmental and Water Resources Institute for their paper “Progress and Promise Transitioning to the One Water/Resource Recovery Integrated Urban Water Management Systems.” This award recognizes outstanding papers on the topics of hydrology, urban drainage or sewage that have been published in an ASCE journal in the previous year. Their paper details an integrated “One Water” approach to urban water systems and reviews some of the emerging literature on this topic. A One Water approach focuses on recovering resources such as water, energy and nutrients from the water system, as opposed to managing system components separately and linearly. Arabi and Sharvelle along with co-authors Nancy Love and Glen Daigger from the University of Michigan will be presented the award at the ASCE Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) 2021 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, later this year.

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