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News & Announcements
Thomas  Sale Thomas Sale API Document Translated into Chinese and Spanish

Thomas Sale announces the publication of the second edition of his API document on managing risks at a light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) site has been translated into Chinese and Spanish.   The 1st Edition had over 10,000 articles circulated.  (Sale, [...]

Marjan Sadeghi First Ph.D. in Construction Engineering and Management Awarded

Marjan Sadeghi Receives First Ph.D. in CEE and Construction Management’s Interdisciplinary Construction Engineering and Management Degree.  Sadeghi chose the CSU program because of both the construction management program, the integrated project design and the building information modeling.  Her research has [...]

Neil S. Grigg Neil Grigg Receives the 2019 SWIM Industry Research Award

Neil Grigg will be presented with the 2019 Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management (SWIM) Center Industry Research Award at the SWIM Annual Conference on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at Virginia Tech in Arlington, Virginia.  SWIM is an organization that focuses on [...]

EllingwoodBruce Stanford Citation Index Ranks Bruce Ellingwood Sixth in Civil Engineering

CSU Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Bruce Ellingwood ranked as the sixth most-cited civil engineering author in a Stanford University worldwide citation survey, published in PLoS. Scopus citation data for 6 million scientists in 22 major fields and 176 sub-fields [...]

Hussam Mahmoud Hussam Mahmoud's Research on Community Response to Disasters Recognized

The College of Engineering at New Mexico State University has invited Hussam Mahmoud to speak on his research on vulnerability of communities to extreme events.   ASEE First Bell also recognized Hussam Mahmoud's research on the development of novel computational [...]

Pennock Award Jorge Ramirez is Awarded the CSU Oliver P. Pennock Distinguished Service Award

Jorge Ramirez received the Colorado State University Oliver P. Pennock Distinguished Service Award from Provost Dan Bush at the Spring 2019 Celebrate! Colorado State Awards.  This award recognizes meritorious and outstanding achievement over a five-year period by full-time members of [...]


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CEE Stories
Stantec/AECOM Partner with CSU Hydraulics Lab to Design New Spillway for Gross Reservoir Dam
spillway3_full cropped
Drs. Christopher Thornton and Robert Ettema along with M.S. student Taylor Hogan in partnership with Stantec/AECOM have designed and built a test model spillway for the Gross Reservoir in southwest Boulder County for Denver Water.  The reservoir provides water to more than 1.4 million residents along the Front Range.  The planned height of the dam for the spillway is to be raised to 471 feet allowing for the water capacity to increase by approximately 25 billion gallons.  The spillway is a stepped spillway which causes the energy from the water flowing over the dam to dissipate – allowing water to [...]
Sybil Sharvelle Receives $3M NSF Grant
Sybil  Sharvelle
Dr. Sybil Sharvelle was awarded a five-year, $3 million grant from NSF for The Interdisciplinary Training, Education and Research in Food-Energy-Water Systems (InTERFEWS) Program.  This program brings together PhD students from traditionally disparate disciplines to conduct research on key problems in the Food-Energy-Water nexus with a focus on water-scarce, arid regions. The mission of the program is to prepare a diverse group of graduate students with the transdisciplinary and systems-level thinking skills necessary to make meaningful contributions to the complex and changing interactions in food, energy, and water under water scarcity. InTERFEWS offers interdisciplinary courses that are team taught by [...]