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Brad Reisfeld
340 Scott Bioengineering
Ph: (970) 491-1019
Fax: (970) 491-7369
Email: brad.reisfeld@colostate.edu
Dr. Reisfeld's Research


Dr. Reisfeld's research interests lie in areas of biological, biomedical, and environmental science that are relevant to human health and are interdisciplinary in nature. His focus, at present, is in examining the fate and effects of xenobiotics (foreign compounds, such as drugs and toxicants) in the body, including issues such as biodistribution, clearance, metabolism, pharmacological effect, and toxicity.

His current projects include (i) developing an approach using computational methods coupled with targeted experimentation for the analysis and prediction of xenobiotic metabolism, (ii) creating computer-assisted methodologies for examining cytochrome P450 isozyme reaction rates and binding of ligands, (iii) using physiologically-based pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling, and Bayesian and Monte Carlo analyses to aid in the assessment of risk associated with environmental pollutant exposure and in the optimization of drug regimens for infectious disease treatment, (iv) employing multiscale 'systems biology' approaches to study the role of the immune system in mediating the response to xenobiotic exposure, and (v) utilizing computer simulations and focused experiments to quantify the transport of xenobiotics in tissues.

Dr. Reisfeld founded the the Systems and Computational Biology Research Group and is a member of the Quantitative and Computational Toxicology Research Group.