New CBE Exchange Program with Zhejiang University to Launch Soon

Professors David Dandy, Christie Peebles, and Ken Reardon touring a 3-D printing laboratory at Zhejiang University.

CBE is bringing the world closer together through complementary research and education initiatives. For the past 18 months, department head, Dr. David Dandy, and Professor Kenneth Reardon have led the development of a collaboration with the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, located about an hour from Shanghai.

Undergraduate and graduate students at both universities will have the opportunity to explore their research interests through a new lens while gaining international exposure. The exchange program will highlight specific areas of research, including biotechnology, and polymer science and engineering.

This collaboration started at the faculty level. “We as a department have been thinking about what makes sense for our students and professors,” said Dr. Reardon. “This will hopefully lead to university-level relationships so other CSU departments can benefit from this partnership, too.”

A former CBE Ph.D. student who is now on the faculty at Zhejiang University helped Dr. Reardon become aware of the possibilities of a research collaboration. After several meetings with Zhejiang counterparts, the program specifics are nearing completion and exchanges will begin in 2018.

Professor Ken Reardon listening to a question from a student after his presentation on meta-proteomics at Zhejiang University.

“We look forward to how this relationship will enhance the educational experience of all students involved, and benefit the quality of research taking place at both universities,” said Dr. Reardon.