Get to Know the AIChE Student Chapter

AIChE Student Chapter at the Regional Conference in North Dakota.

Whether it’s networking, gaining industry perspective, community involvement, or having fun with fellow students, the student chapter of the American Associate for Chemical Engineers’ at CSU offers real-world CBE experiences.

“AIChE is a great way for chemical engineers of any year to get involved on campus and for students to learn about opportunities in their field,” said Sarah Igli, president of AIChE, CSU.

There are opportunities at every level of involvement. Igli encourages all CBE students to join at the national level to receive access to the AIChE publications, library, career resources, and safety certification tools. At the student chapter level, students can attend bi-weekly meetings showcasing industry speakers from the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and research sectors, among others. Socials and brewery tours are also hosted for students to get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

AIChE students volunteering at a STEM fair at Timnath, Colo.

Joining AIChe’s student chapter is also a way to get involved on campus and in the community. The chapter participates in CSU’s RamRide, which is a volunteer program providing a free, safe, non-judgmental ride home for all CSU students. Students also do demonstrations, and create games and workshops for local K-12 schools to motivate young students in STEM subjects.

AIChE students bond on a tour of Fiesty’s Distillery.

In addition, AIChE students can attend regional and national conferences which include unique career workshops and industry presentations at locations across the country.

For those students with leadership qualities, there are opportunities to run for office positions, too, which is what Igli did. “Being president of AIChE has helped me to learn to manage my time better because I am going to school full time, working a part time job, and planning meetings and events for AIChE. It has also given me the chance to hear what the students want out of a student organization and how I can improve it for future students.”