What’s the Deal with Internships?

When you hear the word “intern,” what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of Parks and Recreation and the apathetic college recruit, sitting at a desk and popping her gum with disinterest. Maybe you imagine someone giving their unpaid time to a thankless summer job of making copies and taking coffee orders. But like many…Read more

How to Balance Life as an Engineer

In the “Ask an Ambassador” blog, we showcase the experiences of real CSU students in the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering. Read on to meet Kate, a CSU engineering major, and learn what she recommends to balance life as an engineer. Diving into Engineering Engineering is not always easy. Often our engineering studies require…Read more

Plan Your Visit to Campus and the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Whether you are just beginning your college search or finishing up applications, visiting campus is a great way to decide if the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering feels like home! Here are a few fun and informative opportunities to consider as you plan your visit to campus. Events Events hosted by the Walter Scott,…Read more