Prepare for Engineering Exploration Day!

Engineering Exploration Day is Saturday, February 19th!

Are you a high school or transfer student interested in engineering at CSU? We have the event for you! Engineering Exploration Day is the perfect opportunity to visit CSU’s campus, take a look at our engineering facilities, and chat with current students and faculty. 

Engineering Exploration Day

What can I expect from Engineering Exploration Day?

High school and transfer students interested in engineering can meet with student design teams, check out laboratory demonstrations, attend mock lectures and informational sessions, and learn about engineering careers during our free Engineering Exploration Day. 

What's the day's schedule?

For academic sessions 1 and 2, choose to attend two sessions of the following:

Mechanical Engineering – Aerospace, robotics, engines, controls, and objects in motion!

Chemical and Biological Engineering – Finding cures, alternative fuels, new materials and more!

Civil Engineering – Concrete canoes, bridges, water pollution and so much more!

Environmental Engineering – Site remediation, clean water, and sustainable practices!

Electrical & Computer Engineering – Robots, lasers, radar and remote sensing!

Biomedical Engineering – Prosthetics, medical devices, biomaterials, and more!

Engineering Open Option – Interested in Engineering, but not sure which major you want to study? Attend this session for an in-depth look into all the disciplines.

CBE Professor Ken Reardon stands in front of lab supplies and devices

Attend a panel and ask our engineering students any questions you may have! Panels offered are:

Ask an Engineer” – Join current Engineering Students to learn more about the student experience.

Engineering Co-Ops and Internships – Connect with current students to hear about their internship and co-op experiences.

Senior Design Projects – Learn more about the senior design projects that current students are working on this year.

Real Talk: Women, LGBTQIA+, and Students of Color in Engineering – Hear from current students about their experiences as Women, LGBTQIA+, and/or Students of Color in Engineering at CSU.

A picture of a classroom filled with Scott Scholars.

Lunch! Everyone's favorite meal of the day. Enjoy lunch provided by the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering and feel free to take a look around our beautiful campus!

For Breakout Sessions 1 and 2, choose to attend two sessions of the following:

Academic Village Tour

Civil and Environmental Engineering Lab Tour

Electrical and Computer Engineering Projects

Engineering Abroad

Engineering Building Tour

Scott Bioengineering Building Tour

The MECH Research Experience

There is also an option for a Spanish tour of Scott Bioengineering in Breakout Session 1 and a Spanish tour of Engineering in Breakout Session 2

Students descending the stairs in Scott Bioengineering

Choose one of the following sessions for Breakout Session 3:

Biomedical Engineering FAQ Forum

Engineering Building Tour

Scott Building Tour

Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student using equipment Engineering Manufacturing Education Center teaching laboratory January 2020

Short on questions to ask on the big day? We got you covered!

Try asking any of our engineering students these questions:

  • What do you like about CSU engineering? 

  • How do I choose an engineering major? 

  • What if I don’t know what engineering major to choose? 

  • What kinds of internships or coops can I get? 

  • Why did you choose CSU? 

  • How would you describe engineering? 

  • What is research and how did you get into it? 

  • How many labs do you take? 

  • What’s been the best learning experience you’ve had at CSU? 

  • What kind of academic support is available for students? 

  • What is the coolest lab or project you’ve been involved with? 

  • What are your plans after graduation? 

  • What is your senior design project? 

  • What diversity programs does CSU offer? 

Fall 2021 ENpower participants; August 2021

Can't make it?

Interested in EED, but can’t make it? No worries. The Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering offers several additional options on a weekly basis:

Schedule an on-campus tour with an engineering student ambassador

Browse WSCOE's online student resources

Watch recorded sessions of EED for Fall 2020

Schedule a one-on-one lunch with an engineering student ambassador

We hope to see you on campus soon!

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