Linear Systems Analysis

Textbook: A. V. Oppenheim and A. S. Willsky, Signals and Systems, 2nd Ed., Prentice Hall, 1996.

Anchoring concept: Spectrum analysis of discrete-time signals and systems (Z-transform)

  • Discrete-time systems and their standard implementations
  • System response to discrete complex exponential input
  • Sampling, digital frequency and transfer function
  • Z-transform and region of convergence
  • Properties and applications of Z-transform
  • Inverse Z-transform

Electronics Principles

Textbook: Electronics II, booklet, prepared by Tom Chen; Fundamentals of Microelectronics by B. Razavi, Wiley

Anchoring concept: CMOS Output Drivers

  • Class A driver (Booklet pp. 141-151)
  • Class B driver (Booklet pp. 152-158)
  • Class AB driver (Booklet pp. 159-163)
  • Driver efficiency (Booklet pp. 164, Book Sections 14.8, 14.9)


Textbook: Electromagnetics, Branislav M. Notaros, Pearson Prentice Hall)

Anchoring concept: Plane Electromagnetic Waves

  • Wave Equations, Uniform-Plane-Wave Solutions (Sections 9.1, 9.2, 9.3)
  • Time-Harmonic Uniform Plane Waves and Complex-Domain Analysis (Section 9.4)
  • Theory of Time-Harmonic Waves in Lossy Media (Sections 9.7, 9.8)
  • Wave Propagation in Good Conductors, Skin Effect (Sections 9.10, 9.11)
  • Polarization of Electromagnetic Waves (Section 9.14)