ECE Students Take Top Prize at Winter Design Competition

IEEE Winter Design Competition Winners

ECE students Jesse Langston and Josh Olson are the winners of the IEEE Winter Design Competition. They received the top prize for their project, Automatic Zombie Killer 1.0, a fun device that launches unsharpened pencils.

The IEEE student officers picked the project for its sound design, originality, creativity, functionality, and presentation, as well as adherence to the contest rules. Zombie Apocalypse was the theme of the competition, and participants were only allowed to use one DC motor and one Servo controller.

"We decided to build a defense weapon against the zombies," said Olson. "Given the constraints of the contest, we were impressed with our design and shooting range." He added, "I think my favorite part of the project was getting to see actual application of my coursework." Olson, who started out as a mechanical engineering major, switched to electrical engineering because he loved the challenging coursework.

The Open Design Competition is open to all major across campus. The IEEE student group also offers weekly workshops to help contest participants learn programming, circuit design, and project development skills.

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