Pasricha Wins Best Paper Award at ISQED 2010 Conference

Pasricha Head ShotECE Assistant Professor Sudeep Pasricha and his doctoral student, Shirish Bahirat, recently received the Best Paper Award at the International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED) 2010, held from March 22-24 in San Jose, California. Their work was selected from 131 accepted papers to receive the award.

The paper entitled, "UC-PHOTON: A Novel Hybrid Photonic Network-on-Chip for Multiple Use-Case Applications" proposes a novel hybrid electro-photonic on-chip communication architecture for emerging massively multi-core chip multiprocessors (CMPs) that dramatically reduces communication power dissipation and lowers communication latency by several orders of magnitude compared to traditionally used architectures. The novel architecture is aimed at CMPs that implement multiple use case applications that are prevalent in emerging embedded systems in the consumer, medical, telecommunication, automotive, aerospace, and defense domains.

"The design of low power and high performance on-chip communication architectures is a significant challenge in realizing current and emerging chip multiprocessors (CMPs) onto silicon platforms," said Pasricha. "This award underscores the potential impact of the work on the design process for next generation CMPs."

Pasricha, who has been awarded the "best paper" honor previously at the ASPDAC conference in 2006, has published a book and more than 45 research articles in peer-reviewed conferences and journals. He has presented several tutorials at premier conferences on the design of on-chip communication architectures for emerging CMP architectures. Currently, he is a technical program committee member of the CODES+ISSS, GLSVLSI, ISQED, NOCS, and VLSI Design conferences, a technical program committee member of the SIGDA DAC PhD Forum, an organizing committee member of the ICCAD CADathlon, and serves as a reviewer of many premier journals, conferences, and workshops. He is a member of the IEEE and ACM (SIGDA).

Bahirat is a doctoral candidate, whose current research topics include on-chip hybrid electro-photonic communication architecture exploration and synthesis, and computer-aided design for embedded systems.