Partnership Formed with University of Luxembourg

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering recently entered into a formal partnership with the University of Luxembourg (UL). Together, the two universities will work to advance specialized research in computer engineering through the exchange of faculty, postdoctoral students, and graduate students.

Founded in 2003, UL is a young, small, and personable research-based institution located in Luxembourg City. A short drive from France, Germany, and Belgium, the university is centrally located in Europe. UL is considered an inviting locale for English-speaking students to explore continental Europe and learn a foreign language. It is distinctive from other universities in Europe in that it is tri-lingual. Teaching and research are conducted in English, French, and German, creating a diverse learning environment with an exceptionally high number of students, faculty, and staff from abroad.

UL's Computer Science and Communications Research Unit is comparable in size to the ECE department, boasting 20 professors. The unit's research projects align well with the work being done at Colorado State University in the areas of advanced software systems, communication systems, intelligent and adaptive systems, distributed computing, and information security. Because of the strong overlap, myriad opportunities exist for collaborative research.

Plans are well under way for shared research. Last spring, the ECE Department hosted a team of faculty from UL and helped them get acquainted with CSU. In turn, ECE faculty traveled to Luxembourg last summer to visit the university and established plans for collaborative research. In addition to the exchange of post doctoral and graduate students, the two universities hope to expand the partnership to include undergraduate students as well.