Jayasumana Honored at IEEE LCN Conference

Jayasumana Cutting Celebratory Cake

The recent Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Local Computer Networking (LCN) conference in Sydney, Australia, was a milestone event. In addition to celebrating the 30th anniversary of the conference, attendees honored ECE Professor Anura Jayasumana for his outstanding service and lifetime contributions to the LCN conference series.

Jayasumana, who was invited to cut the cake at the anniversary celebration, has been actively involved with the LCN conference since the early 1980s. LCN is a highly regarded international conference that enables an effective interchange of results and ideas among researchers, users, and product developers. The conference has tracked major developments from high-speed local networks to the global Internet.

Jayasumana’s areas of expertise include radar networking, sensor networks, optical networks, performance modeling, and testing and testable design of VLSI.