MECH 529 Advanced Mechanical Systems

Class Information, Spring 2010



Class Description

Advanced System Dynamics and Control with Applications

Class Times and Location


11:00 am - 11:50 am Monday and Wednesday Engineering B 3, Jan 20, 2010 - May 7, 2010


11:00 am - 11:50 am Friday Engineering Viking Lab, Jan 20, 2010 - May 7, 2010


Final Exam

Thursday, May 13, 2010 11:20am-1:20pm



Thomas Bradley, PhD

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Building A103R

970-491-3539 (office)

Office Hours MWF 10-11am.


ME307, mechanics, differential equations, computer applications, 3.0 GPA

Required Textbook

Modeling, Analysis and Control of Dynamic Systems, 2nd Edition, by William J. Palm III

Class Goals

Learn the techniques of modal analysis, multi-domain system dynamics, and modern controls that will enable you to solve problems of larger scale, real-world complexity, and practical interest. 

Introduction to the methods of system design and optimization

Learn MATLAB as a tool for problem solving (Lab)

Class Policies


You are responsible for your learning.  You should take advantage of the resources that are present (class time, lab time, book, class website, office hours) to achieve your learning goals. 


You can work on homework in small groups of students, but each student must turn in the homework as a piece of individual work.  You may not divide the problems among your group.  Instead, each person must work each problem.  Submitted homework must be original work.  Do not copy from other groups, past students, solution manuals, etc.  Homework will be graded based on the completeness of the solution.  Show the steps in your homework.  Homework solutions will be posted outside of my office after the collection of the assignment.  Turn in homework at the beginning of the laboratory. 


You must read the laboratory introduction and worksheet before coming to the lab section. 


Exams I and II will be given at the normal class time and location.  They will be a combination of multiple choice, problem solving and short sentence written answers.  All exams are closed book and closed notes.  Bring your CSU ID card to each exam.  The final exam will be comprehensive.


Grading disputes will be handled by the instructor within a week from the date when the material is returned to the student.  Grades will be adjusted at the end of the semester with a sliding scale.  No individual extra credit will be allowed. Homework: 50%, Exams (Exam I, II, and Final) 50%,


Lecture and Discussion Topic



Assignment for Monday

Homework Assignments
Due at Beginning of Laboratory


Course Introduction (1/20)

Systems Engineering Methods

Introduction to Simulation

Introduction to MATLAB™ (1/22)

Your Controls Notes,
Your Mechatronics Notes

Please read Palm Chapter 1.7 and

Intro to Simulation


Linearization of ODEs (1/25)

Review of 1st and 2nd Order Systems (1/27)

Numerical Solutions to Differential Equations (1/29)

Palm Chapter 2

HW assignment is in the Laboratory document


Review of Laplace Transforms

Review of Transfer Functions (2/1-2/3)

Introduction to Simulink™ (2/5)

Palm Chapter 2

HW assignment is in the Laboratory document


Review of Classical Controls (2/8-2/10)

Controls tools in MATLAB/Simulink (2/12)

Palm Chapter 7

HW assignment is in the Laboratory document


Review of Classical Controls (2/15)

Mechanical Dynamic Elements (2/17)

Mechanical Systems (2/19)

Palm Chapter 4

HW assignment is in the Laboratory document


Exam 1 (2/22)

Energy Methods and Modal Analysis (2/24)

Mechanical Systems Simulation and Control (2/26)

Palm Chapter 3


Electrical Dynamic Elements (3/1-3/3)

Mechanical Systems and Modal Analysis (3/5)

Palm Chapter 5


Hydraulic Dynamic Elements (3/8-3/10)

No Lab (3/12)

Palm Chapter 5


Spring Break (3/15-3/19)




Pneumatic Dynamic Elements (3/22-3/24)

No Lab (3/26)

Palm Chapter 5

Homework Due 3/31/10


Thermal Dynamic Elements (3/29-4/2)
Exam 2 (4/5)

Palm Chapter 5

HW Solutions


Multidomain System Modeling (4/5-4/7)

Thermal Systems and Monte Carlo Methods (4/9)


System Design (4/12-4/14)

E days - No lab

Palm Chapter 11


Design of Computer Experiments (4/19-4/21)

Feed Forward (4/16)

 Input Shaping Movie,

Credit to W.Singhose (GT)


System Optimization (4/26-4/28)

Hydraulic Ram Pump (4/23)



Review and Class Summary (5/3-5/5)

System Optimization and Design (5/1)


Grades to Date Come and talk if you find discrepancies

Final Exam

Comprehensive Final Exam

Thursday, May 13, 2010



Final Grades