Designing and Planning Simulation Experiments -- Weeks 9 to 15

Practice Exercises
Interdependencies Schruben Sections 9.6 and 10.3.1&2 Interdependencies Do the exercises in part H of the Workbook. HW3: Construct an Arena model for the system in H2 of the Workbook. Use the Advanced process panel and/or the Block panel. Show that your Arena model is functionally the same as the Sigma model. 03/27
Sigma Plots Schruben Chapter 10 Sigma Plots - - 04/03
Steady State Simulation Kelton Section 7.2 Steady State Open Model 07-02.DOE in the Arena Book folder. Run it to find settings that give you a statistically valid result. HW4: Do J2 in the Workbook and Exercise 7-4 in Kelton. Use settings that produce a statistically valid comparison. 04/14
Terminating Simulations Kelton Chapter 6 Terminating Simulations Open Model 05-02.DOE in the Arena Book folder. Find the number of replications that reduce the half width from $50.20 to $20 (find the closest number of replications). Run the model and comment on the results HW5: Do Exercise 5-3 in Kelton. How many replications would be required to bring the half width of 95% confidence interval for the expected average cycle time for both trimmers down to 1 minute. Verify your estimate of the required number of replications. 04/24
Managing Variation Schruben Section 9.8
Kelton Sections 12.2.2, 12.4, 12.5
Managing Variation Do J6 in the Workbook. Define two or more performance measures and justify their relevance to the problem. HW6: Do J5 in the Workbook. Compare the two alternatives in a statistical meaningful manner. 05/05