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Combined energy efficiency, pollution prevention, and productivity improvement assessments are offered by the Colorado State University Industrial Assessment Center (CSU IAC) to qualified small and medium-size manufacturers to significantly improve the industrial efficiency of small to medium sized manufacturing companies, increasing their ability to effectively compete in the national and global marketplace.


The CSU IAC strives to maintain the confidentiality of the client and any proprietary processes. The IAC program recognizes that the confidentiality of proprietary information obtained during an assessment is an important issue to many of our clients. You should know that, great care is taken with data and other information gathered during the assessment process. The assessment report does not include the name of the plant and plant personnel are encouraged not to discuss any operations that are proprietary.

Some data from the report are entered into a national database available for public access on the Internet at This database is a valuable tool for manufacturers and researchers who want to know the savings of various types of projects.

  1. The data entered into the national database that are available for public access include the following:Assessment center performing the assessment
  2. State where plant is located
  3. Assessment date
  4. Plant SIC, principal product, floor area and employees
  5. Annual sales, volume, production hours and energy cost
  6. Name, type, estimated annual resource savings, annual cost savings, implementation cost, simple payback and implementation status of each savings recommendation.

All clients must be asked to allow the program to develop materials such as case studies, and to use the firm’s name in order to promote industrial efficiency. We will need to obtain written permission from clients for such permission. All proprietary manufacturing information will be strictly protected and all clients will be given an opportunity to review materials that contain information that identifies their plant prior to the dissemination of the material.


Companies eligible for FREE energy efficiency, pollution prevention, and productivity improvement assessments must be manufacturers (SIC Code 2000-3999). In addition, any three of the following criteria must be met:

  • Have $100,000/yr to $2.0 million/yr in total energy costs 
  • Have a maximum of 500 employees
  • Have a maximum of $100 million/yr gross annual sales
  • Lack in-house professional expertise in energy use and conservation.
  • Must be a US Manufacturer
  • Within 150 miles of an IAC

IAC Program Benefits

  • Manufacturers receive FREE, objective information to help make the plant cleaner, more productive, and more energy-efficient.
  • Manufacturers can access the latest technologies and practices for improved efficiency.
  • Engineering students receive hands-on industrial experience.
  • CSU builds valuable local industry relationships to maintain a practical focus in their engineering curriculum.