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Purchasing Computing Equipment

All purchases of computer hardware, printers and scanners should be coordinated with ENS staff. All CSU computing equipment purchased through ENS will be supported at no extra cost. Computing equipment purchased through other channels may be supported at the rate of $37/hour; ENS will evaluate this equipment, prior to doing any work, to determine if we will support it and will provide a cost estimate to the client. ENS does not service personally-owned computers but the Help Desk in the Morgan Library does. It is understood that there are a broad array of computing needs in our college and that no single solution is adequate. Checking with ENS prior to ordering simply ensures a mutual understanding of the support available for a purchased item.

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Purchase a Desktop or Notebook Computer with CSU Funds

HP logoFor a traditional Windows desktop or notebook computer, CSU has a contract with HP. Purchase HP computers through Shop Catalogs, or consult with a member of our support staff for assistance selecting and purchasing a computer. Please see our recommendations for more detail.

iMac PhotoApple computers must be purchased through CSU's RamTech. For Apple computers, make sure that the programs you will need run natively on OS X. Many Engineering software programs don't run on Mac OS X. While emulation options such as Parallels and Bootcamp do exist, they have their own limitations and are not a full replacement for a Windows based PC. Please consult with a member of our support staff before purchasing.

Purchase a Server

Contact ENS to purchase a server. Depending on whether you wish to participate in the college compute cluster, or need a standalone server, we want to make sure the system purchased is just right for your needs.

Purchase a Printer

ENS highly recommends coordinating the purchase of any printer or peripheral device with an ENS Staff member prior to making a purchase. ENS staff have researched and identified specific printer models that are known to be reliable, budget-friendly, and work well on our networks. These ENS-approved models are listed on the Printer Purchasing Policy page.

Purchase Surplus Items

Does your department or research lab need a gently-used computer or printer? We do not generally stock new items for sale, but we do make available any excess new or used items. These items are not available for purchase by individuals, due to state law. Read the description carefully to determine the condition of the item.

View items ENS currently has available for purchase with CSU funds.

Personal Purchases

Personal purchases should be pursued through CSU RAMtech or off-campus vendors.

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