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ENS Lab & Classroom Use Policies

Last Revised January 2018

Since the Engineering College computer labs are a shared environment with many students needing the lab's resources, there must be policies of use so that all users will have a fair and equal opportunity to use the lab's computers without distractions or annoyances.

Because of this, any policy violation will result in suspension of network privileges and other consequences. These policies apply to the Virtual Classroom (VCL) as well.

  1. Use of the computing facilities must be in keeping with the CSU's Acceptable Use Policy. Non-academic uses must be stopped and the computer given up when other students need the computer for school work.
  2. Be courteous to those around you by talking quietly and keeping sounds from the computer to a minimum. Use headphones if sound is needed.
  3. Please make an effort to keep the labs and computing equipment clean, by cleaning up after yourself when you are finished with your work.
  4. Appropriate dress, including shoes and shirts, are required in all labs.
  5. If you need to take a break, computers may be locked (by typing Ctrl+Alt+Del) for up to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the computer will be unlocked by an administrator and made available to other students. (Please see the note below.)
  6. Do not use multiple computers if others are waiting to use a computer.
  7. For the safety of Engineering students and the security of computing equipment, do not attempt to defeat the door lock or security mechanisms. This includes jamming any of the Engineering lab's doors open at any time.
  8. Using a university computer to view pornographic material is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and is disrespectful to those in the vicinity.
  9. Sleeping is not permitted in the labs.
  10. Do not perform any actions which disrupt the use of the network for others. This includes intentionally broadcasting messages to another computer or another user without the user's permission.

Thank you for observing these policies.

Note for policy #5: For those who need to run long simulations and would like to leave the computer while the simulation is running, we have other ENS resources meant for this purpose such as the Windows or Linux servers. If those resources cannot work for you, please contact the ENS Computer Lab Manager.

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This document last modified Monday February 26, 2018

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