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Class File Space

Class file space on the Engineering file services structure is provided for both electronic files and online coursework. All registered students have read access to the class directory and write access, upon request, to group project folders in the class directory. Only registered instructors have write access to the entire class directory. Additionally, instructors and class assistants have permissions in the webpage subfolder.
If you need to request file space for a class that does not already exist on the network, contact ENS.

You can find each class file space on the network at:

T:\classes\<course prefix>\<course number> (for Windows)

In the examples above, <course prefix> is the prefix designation for the class, such as "ECE" for Electrical & Computer Engineering or "MECH" for Mechanical Engineering. The <course number> used above matches the class designation, such as "ECE102" or "MECH324".

The class directory has four sub-directories by default:

  • www
    Documents placed within this directory will be viewable via the Internet at<course number>/<name of the web file>
  • drop-box
    The drop-box directory is used as a blind repository for student homework. Students can "drop" files in the drop-box but cannot open it to view the files submitted by other students. Only instructors can view the contects of the drop-box. Do not copy a folder into a drop-box because its contents will then become unreadable, instead archive the folder into a "zip" file and then drop that archived file into the drop-box.
  • Instructors
    The Instructors directory is a secure area within the class directory where instructors and TAs can store sensitive material. It can only be accessed by members of the instructors group for the class. Students are not allowed to access the Instructors directory.
  • Projects
    The Projects directory is an area accessable to students where general information for the class can be stored. In addition, students can request folders in the Projects directory to store content for project collaboration. By default, each group project folder is secured so that only the instructor and project participants can view the content.

In addition to file space provided by the College, instructors have access to the University supported Canvas to provide electronic class files and information. Please refer to the Canvas for more information.

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This document last modified Wednesday February 10, 2016

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