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A series of 9 laboratory experiments (6 require one week each and three require three weeks each to complete. The experiments cover DSP based control of DC PMDC and synchronous motors. A Simulink model (*.mdl) of a DC switch-mode power converter will be built. After verifying the stimulation results with Simulink model, the model will be modified to control the output of the power converter in real-time. A DC-motor will be connected to the output of the power converter. With this arrangement, a variable voltage can be applied to the terminals of the DC-motor to observe open-loop speed control of a DC motor; two, calculate the motor back-emf constant kE as well as a the electrical parameters (Ra and La) of the motor using the blocked rotor test. In addition the mechanical characteristics B and J will be determined. The torque speed characteristics will be verified. Students implement a close-loop speed control of a DC-motor drive for which the parameters were calculated. Once the parameters are tuned, the model of the DC-motor will be replaced with the real motor. The tuned controllers will be implemented in real-time on DS1104 to perform the close-loop speed control of the DC-motor. The magnetizing inductance (Lm>>Lls) will be calculated by running the induction motor at synchronous speed, at rated voltage and rated frequency. The rotor circuit parameters i.e. Llr and R' will be calculated by blocked-rotor test while injecting slip frequency at the stator terminals. Finally, the torque speed characteristics of a three phase induction motor are measured and students observe the induction motor in generation mode (super synchronous speed) and motoring mode (sub synchronous speed)


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