CIVE 514
Hydraulic Structures/Systems
T. K. Gates
Civil & Environmental Engineering Department
Colorado State University

Fall 2014

Here are front and top views of the the spillway on the Morrow Point Arch Dam on the Gunnison River here in Colorado. Do you detect a potential problem?

Three Gorges Dam 1Three Gorges Dam 2

Prof. Gates at Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, China, May 2007

Course Syllabus

Policy on Academic Integrity in CIVE 514

Academic integrity -- doing and getting credit for your own work, not for the work of others, on all assignments and exams -- is an important aspect of honesty. None of us likes to be lied to or cheated. Others, should be able to expect that we are not lying to or cheating them. When you turn in any assignment or exam in this course, it must be your own work, not copied from any other person or any other source (printed or electronic). Accordingly, the CSU Honor Pledge (, with a place for your signature, must be applied to every assignment and exam submitted in CIVE 514. Violation of the Honor Pledge is unethical and immoral and, if you are caught, will result in serious consequences, including failure.

The homework problems in CIVE 514 are assigned to help you learn the fundamental principles and skills of fluid mechanics and to provide you with opportunities to exercise your mind in the disciplines of analysis and synthesis that are crucial to successful engineering. There is no substitute for solving problems in learning these principles, skills, and disciplines.

Working together in groups on homework problems is fine and, when done rightly, can be beneficial. However, if you work in a group do not sit passively by, waiting for someone else in the group to jump-start the solution process. Instead, before getting together, think and jot down notes on your own about the problems and what approach, assumptions, and methods should be applied to obtain a solution. Then, we you get together, actively participate in the discussion. Regardless of whether you work entirely on your own or you participate in a group discussion, you are expected to conduct and write up the homework solutions entirely on your own and to turn them in as your own work. Do not copy solutions from any person or from any other source (printed or electronic).

Homework Assignments

Assignment 0

Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
Assignment 4
Assignment 5
Assignment 6

Assignment 7



Diversion Barrage for Eaton Ditch.  September 2000.
(Photo by Ken Stark)

Parshall Flume (30 ft) on Eaton Ditch
with 40 ft3/s Flow.  September 2000.
(Photo by Ken Stark)

Radial Gate on Diversion Barrage
for New Cache Canal.  September 2000.
(Photo by Ken Stark)

Computer Models

WinFlume 1.06.0004 at USBR WinFlume Homepage:

Go to the WinFlume homepage given below and follow the instructions to download the self-extracting ZIP file (~ 5.8 MBytes) containing all files needed to install WinFlume version 1.06.0004.  After you have downloaded wflume32.exe, run it to extract the setup kit files and perform software installation. By default, the setup kit files will be placed in the "C:\WinFlume Setup Kit" subdirectory of your computer. You may choose to start the installation process automatically after extracting the files, or you can begin installation manually by running the SETUP.EXE program located in the "C:\WinFlume Setup Kit\DISK1" directory. A user's manual in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format is included in each setup kit. This file can be viewed on screen or printed to produce a hard-copy manual.  Additional information and resources are located at the WinFlume Homepage.


March of the Hydraulic Structures

Introduction to Dams and Appurtenant Hydraulic Stuctures

Hydraulic Analysis and Design of Roller Buckets for Spillway Energy Dissipation

Hydraulic Analysis and Design of Trajectory Buckets for Spillway Energy Dissipation

Hydraulic Analysis and Design of Stepped Spillways for Energy Dissipation

Hydraulic Analysis and Prevention of Cavitation on Stilling Basins

Images of major classes of hydraulic structures.

Papers, Reports, & Notes

Flow Measurement Using an Overshot Gate

Head-Discharge Relationships for Submerged Labyrinth Weirs

Calibration of Submerged Radial Gates

Refined Energy Correction for Calibration of Submerged Radial Gates

Settlement and Submergence Adjustment for Parshall Flumes

Design of Spillway Tainter Gates

Dam Freeboard Required for Wave Action


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