CIVE 401 Hydraulic Engineering
Spring 2015

Prof. T. K. Gates, Instructor


10 - 11 Mon, 11 - 12:30 Wed or by appointment

B209 Engineering


MidTerm Exam II is scheduled for Monday 20 April

Course Teaching Assistant:

Corey Wallace


Office Hours: 9 - 10:30Tue, 1 - 2:30 Thu in A213 Engineering

Course Syllabus

Homework Format

All homework should be prepared neatly on engineering paper following the format given here:

CIVE 401 Homework Format Example

Homework Assignments

Policy on Academic Intregrity in Homework in CIVE 401: Homework problems are assigned to help you learn the fundamental principles and skills of hydraulic engineering and to provide you with opportunities to exercise your mind in the disciplines of analysis and synthesis that are crucial to successful engineering. There is no substitute for solving problems in learning these principles, skills, and disciplines.

Working together in groups on homework problems is fine and, when done rightly, can be beneficial. However, if you work in a group do not sit passively by, waiting for someone else in the group to jump-start the solution process. Instead, before getting together, think and jot down notes on your own about the problems and what approach, assumptions, and methods should be applied to obtain a solution. Then, we you get together, actively participate in the discussion. Regardless of whether you work entirely on your own or you participate in a group discussion, you are expected to conduct and write up the homework solutions entirely on your own and to turn them in as your own work. Do not copy solutions from any person or from any other source. To do so is unethical and immoral and, if you are caught, will result in serious consequences, including failure.

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Homework Solutions


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Assignment 2 Solutions
Assignment 3 Solutions

Assignment 5 Solutions
Assignment 6 Solutions

Assignment 8 Solutions

Assignment 9 Solutions

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