Soft Tissue Mechanics Laboratory

Histology Laboratory

This laboratory is primarily used to perform decalcified histology on soft tissues such as meniscus and cartilage.


1.Decalcified Histology

  • Used to determine biochemical composition
  • Study of cell morphology, glycosaminoglycan content

2. Nondecalcified Histology

  • Primarily used for characterizing soft tissue to bone interfaces
  • tidemark integrity, etc.



Some examples of histology staining through the native meniscal insertion. LI: Ligamentous Region, UF: Uncalcified Fibrocartilage, CF: Calcified Fibrocartilage, SB: Subchondral bone

Soft Tissue Mechanics Laboratory
Attn: Dr. Tammy Haut Doanhue
1374 Campus Delivery
For Collins, CO 80523
phone:(970) 491-1319