Soft Tissue Mechanics Laboratory

Graduate Student Alumni

  1. Zach Hoffman, M. Eng. Fall 2002, “The Knee, ACL Injury, and Treatments”

  2. Rose Reimer, M.S., Fall 2003, “A validated, subject-specific knee model for predicting tibiofemoral knee force distribution from intersegmental forces”

  3. Robert Eifler, M.S., Fall 2003, “Biochemical Response of Meniscal Cells to Oscillating Fluid Flow”

  4. Rajat Chakraborty, M.S. Spring 2002, “Material and Viscoelastic Properties of Meniscal Tissue”

  5. Robert Putt, M.S., Spring 2004, “Effects of Fluid Flow Induced Shear Stress on Gene Expression and Nitric Oxide Production within Rabbit Meniscal Cells”

  6. Jason Maes, M.S., December 2004, “Time Dependent Properties of Bovine Meniscal Attachments: Stress Relaxation and Creep”

  7. Jeff McHenry, M.S., Fall 2005, “Nitric Oxide Production of Meniscal Explants Following Dynamic Compression”

  8. Michael Steele, M.S., Fall 2005, “ Design and Development of a Self-Assisted, Semi-Supportive, Dynamic Walker for Gait-Training and Rehabilitation Purposes”

  9. Robert Lemmon, M.S., co-advisor, (Ford/MTU M.S. Program), Spring 2006, “Testing and Computational Modeling of Steering Wheels for Maxillofacial Impact Loads During a Crash Event”

  10. Tumul Gupta, PhD, February 2007, “Mechanotransduction of Cellular Loading into Catabolic Activity in Meniscal Tissue”

  11. Barbara Zielinska, PhD, May 2007, “Mechanotransduction Process in Meniscal Tissue”

  12. Karen Hauch, M.S., Spring 2008, "Time Dependent, Failure and Nanomechanical Properties of Human Meniscal Attachments"

  13. Megan Killian, PhD, November 2010 “The Influence of Traumatic Impaction and pathological Loading on knee menisci”

  14. Diego Villegas, PhD,April 2010 “Biomechanics of Meniscal Attachments”.

  15. Duane Morrow, PhD, December 2012, “Development of a Continuum Mechanics Model of Passive Skeletal Muscle"

  16. John Moyer, M.S., May 2012, "Regional Comparisons of Nano-Mechanical Properties of the Human Meniscus: Structure and Function"

  17. Kristine Fischenich, Decmber 2013, "Evaluation of Traumatic Loading Model and Modified Transection Model on Menisci"

  18. Adam Abraham, PhD, May 2013, "From Meniscus to Bone: Structure and Function of Human Meniscal Enthesis and Deleterious Effects of Osteoarthritis".

  19. Aaron Drake, December 2015, "Dynamic Structural Analsysis of Ramming in Big Horn Sheep"

  20. Kate Remley, June 2016, Determining the Efficacy of Poloxamer 188 in Meniscal Damage Prevention"


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