Sudeep Pasricha

Monfort Professor and Rockwell-Anderson Professor
Associate Professor and Chair of Computer Engineering

CS/ECE561 -
Hardware/Software Design of Embedded Systems

Fall 2016

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Additional Resources

Hardware Platforms for Embedded System Projects:

Useful Software (Simulators and Tools):

  • Simplescalar: Microarchitectural simulator for Alpha and RISC-like uniprocessor systems.
  • M-Sim: A multi-threaded extension to the SimpleScalar simulator.
  • SimOS: A full system simulator
  • M5: A modular platform for computer system architecture research, encompassing system-level architecture as well as processor microarchitecture. Supports Alpha, SPARC, MIPS, and ARM ISAs, with x86 support in progress.
  • HASE: Hierarchical computer Architecture design and Simulation Environment
  • SESC: A fast architectural simulator for CMPs with out-of-order processors.
  • PTLSim: Cycle accurate x86 microprocessor simulator and virtual machine for the x86/x86-64 instruction sets.
  • Sunflower: Full-system simulator for embedded systems
  • Noxim: Network on Chip simulator
  • Nirgam: Network on Chip simulator
  • Orion: Power-performance simulator for on-chip interconnection networks
  • CACTI: Power, performance, area estimation tool for memories (including caches)
  • HotSpot: High-performance thermal modeling tool suitable for use in architectural studies
  • Ptolemy II: Tool for specification, modeling, and simulation of real time embedded systems
  • SCE: Environment for modeling, synthesis and validation of embedded systems
  • Qsilver: Graphics architecture simulation framework
  • SPEC - Standard performance evaluation corporation benchmarks
  • MediaBench: Multimedia benchmarks
  • SPLASH:  Stanford parallel application benchmarks

Interesting Embedded Systems Articles:

Additional (Classical) Embedded Systems References:

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Processors and Architectures for Embedded Systems

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