Information for Prospective Students

I am currently looking for PhD students interested in doing research on cutting edge issues related to multicore computing, mobile computing, ADAS/automotive systems, and exascale/datacenter computing. In particular, I am looking for students with the one or more of the following skill set:

  • expertise in programming with one or more of the following: C/C++/Perl/scripting languages/SystemC
  • familiarity with embedded/computer systems design (processor, memory, communication architecture, …)
  • knowledge of algorithms (graphs/network flow, dynamic programming, ILP, genetic/SA)
  • experience with machine learning (deep neural networks, support vector machines, etc)
  • proficiency in mobile computing (Android programming, objective C)
  • knowledge of programming in VHDL or Verilog
  • good communication skills, including proficiency in writing technical papers

If you are already a student at CSU, send me an email with your Resume/CV and what research topics you are interested in (you may want to look at my research page). If you are interested in joining CSU, please first apply to the CSU program through the appropriate channels, and send me an email with the details mentioned above.


Current Graduate Students

Vipin Kumar Kukkala (PhD, 2015-) Daniel Dauwe (PhD, 2014-) Ninad Hogade (PhD, 2015-)
C Sai Vineel Reddy (PhD, 2013-) V. Yaswanth Raparti (PhD, 2014-) Ishan Thakkar (PhD, 2013-)
Shoumik Maiti (PhD, 2014-) Dalton Young (PhD, 2008-) Saideep Tiku (PhD, 2016-)
Greg Kittilson (PhD, 2016-) Sai Kiran Koppu (MS, 2015-) Swapnil Bhosale (MS, 2014-)
Yahav Biran (PhD, 2014-) Jiabao Jin (MS, 2015-) Jingjie Zhu (MS, 2014-)
Ayush Kumar (MS, 2016-) Manoj KumarĀ  (MS, 2015-) Chris Langlois (MS, 2016-)
Varun Kilenje (MS, 2017-)


Graduated Students

Shirish Bahirat (PhD, 2014),
Micron Technology
Yong Zou (PhD, 2014),
Yi Xiang (PhD, 2015),
Nishit Kapadia (PhD, 2015)
Mark Oxley (PhD, 2016)
Yahav Biran (PhD, 2017)
Electronic Arts
Pramit Rajakrishna (MS, 2016)
Arrow Electronics
Brad Donohoo (MS, 2012),
US DoD (Northrop Grumman)
Miguel Salas (MS, 2012),
Intel Corporation
Tejasi Pimpalkhute (MS, 2013),
Micron Technology
Viney Ugave (MS, 2014),
Yuhang Li (MS, 2014),
Micron Technology
Srinivas Desai (MS, 2014)
Nanda K. Chandrasekar (MS, 2014)
Cogent Technology Inc
Eric Jonardi (MS, 2015)
Rockwell Automation
Dher Mahmood (MS, 2016)
Haneet Singh (MS, 2016) Onkar Gulvani (MS, 2016) Aditya Khune (MS, 2017)


Past Visitors

Prof. Myeong-jin Lee
Korea Aerospace University,
Prof. Kangchul Kim
Chonnam University, Korea
Soohyun Kwon (PhD, 2008-)
Kyungpook National University
Prof. Gu Haiyun
Shanghai Maritime University