Antarctic Glacier Melt Water Modeling

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Project Title:Modeling Melt Water Generation and Stream Flow Variability in a Polar Desert, Taylor Valley, Antarctica
Project Duration: 1-Aug-2003 - 31-Mar-2004
Andrew Fountain (Portland State University)
Michael Gooseff (Penn State University)
Diane McKnight (University of Colorado)
David Tarboton (Utah State University)

Overview: We are investigating the responses of stream flow variability (timing and magnitude) to melt water generation on alpine glaciers in Taylor Valley, Antarctica. We will utilize the extensive streamflow and meteorological data collected over the past 10 years in Taylor Valley for model input (met data) and verificaiton (hydrology data). The melt water model that we will develop will be based on the Utah Energy Balance Model [Tarboton and Luce, 1996].

met station on taylor glacier
Meteorological Station on the Taylor Glacier

Specific Objectives:
1. Develop a spatially distributed energy balance model.

2. Apply this model to the Canada and Commonwealth Glaciers to reproduce daily hydrographs from the 2000-01 and 2001-02 austral summer seasons on a diurnal cycle for two streams from each glacier, each having a distinctly different aspect [the glaciers longitudinal axes are roughly NW to SE so we will consider the eastern most and western most streams on each glacier].

3. Simulate seasonal ablation and its relative components (melt vs. sublimation) with this energy balance model.

green creek photo
Overview of Green Creek, fed by Canada Glacier melt, feeding Lake Fryxell (toward the right).
green cr hydrograph

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