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Engineering Key Community Seminar

KEY 192A


Catalog Description:  The goal of the Engineering Key Community Seminar is to introduce freshman engineering students to the engineering profession by examining the impact of engineering research, design, analysis and development on society.   Students will also be introduced to the unifying engineering science principles such as the conservation of mass, momentum and energy, materials science, mathematical algorithms and how these principles (along with manufacturing techniques, cost, safety requirements, environmental considerations and intellectual property) impact the design of engineering systems.   Students will also develop technical communication, time management and critical thinking skills.

Required Reading: Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam, Delta; Reprint edition (January 11, 2000).

Instructor: Anthony J. Marchese                                      Download Course Syllabus: here

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Methane Emissions from the U.S. Natural Gas Supply Chain Ultrasonic Harvesting of Microalgae Advanced Biofuels Combustion and Characterization Laboratory Dual Fuel Natural Gas/Diesel Engines Development of Tier 4 Biomass Gasifier CookstovesRapid Compression Machine for Chemical Kinetics of Biofuels HCCI Performance of Alcohol/Alkyl Ester Blends Development of a Thermophoretic Sampling System for Engineered Nanoparticles Characterization of Physical and Chemical Properties of Algal Methyl Esters and Renewable DieselMeasurement of Direct Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Microalgae Cultivation Combustion Chemistry of Algae-Derived BiofuelsEngine Emissions from Algal Methyl EstersLocomotive Diesel EmissionsMethy Ester Droplet Combustion1.1 Second Drop Tower for Microgravity CombustionBiodiesel Chemical Kinetics

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