Space Shuttle Main Engine

Engineering Key Community Seminar

KEY 192A

Engineering Solution of the Week

Each week, we will highlight a real-world engineering solution (product, process, computer software, etc.) that is the result of real engineers at work.  

1.  Space Shuttle Thermal Protection System - Video1 - Video2 - Lockheed LI-900 Ceramic - Columbia Accident Final Report

2.  Free Piston Stirling Engine  - Infinia Powerdish

3. Automotive Air Bag Inflation Device Crash Test Dummy With and Without Air Bag Deployment Video

4.  The Copeland Scroll Compressor -  case study

5.  Hydraulic Fracturing The Frackers Fracking Childrens Book

6.  The Saturn V Rocket:  Saturn V   F-1 Engine  Launch Photos  Apollo Archive  N1 Rocket N1 Rocket Documentary

 7.  Algae BiofuelsUltrasonic Micralage Harvesting System

8.  Envirofit Biomass Cookstoves

 9.  The AbioCor Artificial Heart - Robert L. Tools - USA Today -  AbiomedJarvik 7 - Syncardia Total Artificial Heart

 10.  The Diesel Engine  Rudolf Diesel Engine#20  Cummins QSK50

11. Thermoelectric Effect - Thermoelectric Modules - Thermoelectric Refrigerationthermophoretic sampler 

12. Hydraulic Fracturing The Frackers Fracking Childrens Book

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