Computer Aided Sculpting Software (VP-Sculpt)

 (brain stem transformed with VP-Sculpt)

VP-Sculpt is a unique and powerful software package for editing and reshaping 3D polygonal mesh surface models.  These surfaces can be imported from 3D digitizing systems, medical imaging surfacing software, or surface modeling CAD systems.  Editing and sculpting can be applied to individual vertices or facets, to user-defined areas, or to an entire model.  Operations include selective smoothing, roughening, stretching, decimation, and refinement.  VP-Sculpt also offers many utilities for repairing a digitized surface (filling holes, eliminating bad topology), and utilities for preparing a surface for Rapid Prototyping.  VP-Sculpt runs on PCs under any versions of Windows.


To download a free PC Windows demo copy (version 3.08/3.09):
Download the self-extracting archive: demo_zip.exe (right-click and "Save Link/Target As")
Then view and follow the instructions in: README

To find out what features have been added to the latest version of VP-Sculpt, see the on-line release notes.

An overview article is also available on-line.

The complete user/reference manual is also available on-line.