VPSculpt Demo README file

"demo_zip.exe" is a self-extracting archive containing the following two files which let you experience the power of VP-Sculpt: NOTE - vp_demo.exe runs only on Windows PCs (95, NT, or above).

Locate the folder where you stored demo_zip.exe

To extract the archive files, double click on demo_zip.exe

To run VPSculpt, double click on vp_demo.exe

To load the demo file, click on the Open toolbar icon or select Open under the File menu, and select demo.scl

If you have trouble running the demo or loading the file, please contact your supplier for assistance.

The software is user friendly, and basic reference information can be displayed by selecting Quick Reference under the Help menu.  The left mouse button is used to rotate, pan (w/ Shift key) and zoom (with Alt key) the view. An elliptical area can be defined by clicking on the surface with the right mouse button. Custom Enclosed Area [C] in the Select menu lets you define an arbitrary area on the model surface. Once an area is defined, it can be sculpted out or in (by holding down the left mouse button and the S key and moving the mouse up or down) or edited in many other useful ways (using the Edit-Area menu).

The demo version has the same functionality as the full version with the exception of saving, exporting, and importing files.

See the user/reference manual for more information.