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Dr. Dave is a PBIA Advanced Instructor and an instructional author. He wrote the "The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards" and has published numerous instructional videos, including the "Video Encyclopedia" series. All of his instructional products are available for purchase at: DrDaveBilliards.com. Dr. Dave created and maintains the popular billiards resources website billiards.colostate.edu, and is Dean and cofounder of the Billiard University (BU). He was instrumental in developing the BU assessment tools, rating system, and instructional resources. Dr. Dave is also a long-time monthly instructional columnist for Billiards Digest (BD) magazine and an active participant on the AZB online discussion forum. He is a devoted pool and billiards enthusiast and an expert in understanding the physics of the game. Dr. Dave offers private lessons and intensive courses through Dr. Dave's Pool School and the Billiard University Summer School Boot Camps. He also has an active Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

For his "day job," Dr. Dave is a mechanical engineering professor at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is a passionate teacher and an experienced textbook author, and he has received many awards for his contributions. His teaching and writing experience has helped him develop skills for presenting and illustrating difficult concepts in a concise and understandable way. Here's a video interview dealing with how Dr. Dave incorporates his passion for pool into the engineering classroom.

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And here's an example of Dr. Dave working with a pool student on BU Exam I, and another.

Dr. Dave can be reached at: DrDave@DrDaveBilliards.com