MECH564 Adept Robot Project

"Widget Sorting and Stacking"


You must program the Adept Robot to process a stack of ten widgets.  A "widget" is a rectangular piece of 1/4" Plexiglas with an off-center hole (see figure below). A "good" widget has the hole present and a "bad" widget doesn't.  Your job is to use the robot to separate the "good" widgets from the "bad" widgets.

Ten widgets, some "good" and some "bad," will be stacked face-to-face in random order at a predefined location on the robot table work-surface.  Your program must process the ten widgets and separate them into two separate bins or stacks ("good" and "bad").  You may use any tool or technique you would like to perform the task (e.g., the vision system, custom fixturing and/or tooling, switches interfaced to binary I/O, etc.).  Your system should display or somehow indicate the results of the sort (i.e., the number of good and bad widgets) and allow the user to easily process additional sets of widgets.

Note - You are not allowed to exceed the default monitor speed setting of 50 at any time during your program.

Grading Criteria:

Group Work:

You are required to work on the project in groups of two or three students.  You must not operate the robot by yourself -- there must always be at least two group members present.