List of components provided for the

MECH307 - Design Project

The following items, along with many others used in Lab exercises, are provided in your group kit:


Component Description


1 kΩ resistor


330Ω DIP resistor array


0.1 μF capacitor


red LED


green LED


2N2222 general purpose NPN transistor (1 A)


NO push-button switch


PIC16F88 18P-DIP microcontroller


small "breadboard" (solderless protoboard)

These are useful to get started on the PIC-programming-related project deliverables due later in the semester.

Additional general purpose components will also be available in the Lab on a limited basis, including:

Groups must research and purchase other components required in their designs. See useful local and mail-order vendors for for supplier information.

Mountain States Electronics also offers the following additional discounted kits for purchase to help augment your course-supplied kit:

MECH307 KIT: $39.08 - The price of this kit is a 25% discount from regular pricing. The student(s) will be able to do any substitutions, additions, or subtractions to the kit that they wish and still receive the 25% discount. The only qualifier is that the price is no less than the base amount. For example student might want a bigger breadboard, or different values of resistors and capacitors, etc.

1 9425 Breadboard
1 JW-140 Jumper Wire Kit
2 P8983R330 330 ohm resistor network
2 2n2222 NPN Transistor
5 .1/50V Capacitor
5 QW210 1/4W 1K Resistor
5 38-130 Red LED
5 38-132 Green LED
1 10807 Photocell (3pk)
1 12KEY Key Pad

TK-14 Solder/Tool Kit: $23.00 - This is a great starter kit for an electronics project that requires soldering.

25W Soldering Iron
Long Nose Pliers
Wire Strippers
Slotted Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
Soldering Stand
Solder Wick
63/37 Solder
Heat Sink
IC Puller