Spring, 2001

"Security Device"

Each group must design and build a combination security lock device controlled by digital electronics and/or a PIC microcontroller.  Your device must contain the following minimum set of functional elements:

Your group's grade for the project will be based on the level of performance that your device achieves and on several scoring adjustments as described below.

Levels of Performance

The levels of performance along with their corresponding base scores (based on a scale of 100) are:

Level 0 (0)
Non-existent or non-functioning device.

Level 1 (60)
When the ENTER button is held down, the green LED should be on if the A/B/C switches match the desired combination and the red LED should be on if there is a discrepancy.  The LEDs should be off when the ENTER button is up.  The correct combination must be pre-programmed inside of your device (e.g., with a small set of DIP switches or with constants in a PIC program).

Level 2 (70)
Level 1 plus your device should keep track of and display the number of failed attempts since the last valid combination.  We only require a count up to nine so a single 7-segment LED display will suffice.  The display should reset to zero when the valid combination is entered.

Level 3 (80)
Level 2 plus your device must also sound a buzzer or alarm for approximately 3 seconds when an incorrect combination is entered.  If the correct combination is entered during an alarm, the alarm should be turned off immediately.

Level 4 (90)
Level 3 plus your device must also contain some sort of actuator (e.g., solenoid, dc motor, or stepper motor) that performs some interesting function (e.g., unlatches and springs open a locked door) when the correct combination is entered.  We want you to be creative with the action and function of the actuator and the intended use of your device.

Grading Adjustments (added to or subtracted from the base level score)

NOTE -   The potential for a positive adjustment increases with the level of performance.  A maximum positive adjustment is possible only for a Level 4 device (especially for the final report adjustment).
Extra Reward:

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