Brian Bledsoe conducts research and teaches courses on rivers and watersheds in the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University. Brian has over 25 years of experience as an engineer and environmental scientist in the private and public sectors, including over 20 years of experience in stream and wetland restoration. He earned degrees from Georgia Tech, North Carolina State University, and Colorado State University. He has worked in the private sector as a surveyor and consulting engineer, and for the State of North Carolina as a stream and wetland restoration specialist and as nonpoint source program coordinator. Brianís research and teaching interests are focused on the interface between hydrology and aquatic ecology. In 2006, Brian received an NSF CAREER Award, and in 2008 he served as a Fulbright Scholar in Chile where he worked on environmental flows for sustaining river ecosystems. He also has extensive experience in the development of practical diffuse pollution and hydromodification management strategies and tools in several regions of the US and Canada. Brian served as an expert peer reviewer on the Everglades and Louisiana Coastal Area restoration efforts, as well as the EPA Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program. Brian is a licensed professional engineer in NC and CO and has authored over 100 publications related to stream and watershed processes, ecological restoration and water quality.

His full CV can be viewed here.