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President: Hannah Mikelson
Home Town: Monument, CO
Major: Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering
For Fun: Playing field hockey and hiking
After College: Be an engineer, but am undecided as to what exactly. Something that involves problem solving and helping others.


Vice President: Stephanie Higgins
Home Town: Highlands Ranch, CO
Major: Mechanical Engineering
For Fun:  I love watching movies!
After College: I want to have a meaningful career that includes traveling around the world and making an impact on different communities.


Secretary: Allyssa Brewer
Home Town: Fort Collins, CO
Major: Environmental Engineering
For Fun: I enjoy reading and doing puzzles as well as snowboarding and music!
After College: I would like to live outside of the U.S. and travel, while using my degree to help people and solve problems.



Treasurer: Jessica Boyd
Home Town: Bailey
Major: Electrical Engineering
For Fun: Run
After College:
Work with renewable energies.




Fundraising Director: Anna Kindvall
Home Town: Atwood, CO
Major: Mechanical Engineering
For Fun: I love spending time with friends and family, playing volleyball, and reading.
After College
:  I am interested in pursuing several different aspects of engineering. At the end of the day, I want to make a positive difference in someone's life.



Outreach Director: Amanda Higley 
Home Town: Longmont, CO
Major: Civil Engineering
For Fun: Tennis, running and snowboarding
After College: I want to work with the design of structural engineering projects.



Activities Director: Jaclyn Strom
Home Town:
For Fun:
After College:



Membership Director: Nikki Machado
Home Town: Morro Bay, CA
Mechanical Engineering
For fun:
After College:
Work with a team of Engineers and eventually manage!



Publicity Director:
Kalli Wegren
Home Town: Reno, NV
Major: Civil Engineering
For Fun: I love running, hiking, and just being in the outdoors! I also love dancing and traveling!
After College: I hope to travel a lot and use my degree to make a positive difference in society and the environment.


Engineering College Council (ECC) Representative: Annemarie Kibbe
Home Town: Laguna Niguel, CA
Major: Mechanical Engineering
For Fun: Sail, swing dance, lacrosse, soccer, and hang out with friends.
After Collge: Continue to experience life to its fullest.

Academic Advisor: Terry Comerford
Title: Director, Engineering Success Center
SWE CSU Student Section Adviser


Terry Comerford

Professional Advisor: Judy Gates
Title: Staff Engineer in the Engine Systems Technology, Platforms and Proposals Departmentat at Woodward Governor Company

Judy Gates

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