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President: Olivia Trinko
Home Town: Colorado Springs, CO
Major: Electrical Engineering and Music
For Fun: I love music! I enjoy playing my violin, listening to my favorite artist Johnny Flynn, and attending concerts (especially at Red Rocks!). Travel is also very important to me. I hope my next trip will be to Iceland!
When I grow up: Right now, I am interested in pursuing a career in the power industry. Whatever I end up doing, I know I want to continue to help with outreach efforts to encourage students to study science, technology, math, and engineering.

Olivia Trinko

Vice President: Amanda DeCann
Home Town: Aurora, CO
Major: Mechanical Engineering
For Fun: I enjoy running, playing volleyball, snowboarding, horseback riding, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.
When I grow up: I anticipate graduating from CSU with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I hope to pursue a career where I may increase the quality and efficiency of products by working simultaneously with design and manufacturing.

Amanda DeCann

Secretary: Krystle Ervin
Home Town: Pomona, CA
Major: Civil Engineering
For Fun: I enjoy hiking around Colorado on the weekends. I also love to spend time in the kitchen baking.
When I grow up:  I would like to work in the water industry and utilize my degree to help those in developing countries.

Treasurer: Julia Taussig
Home Town: Denver, CO
Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering Minor: Biomedical Engineering
For Fun: I enjoy competing in triathlons and other races, hiking, dancing, playing the piano, and spending time with family and friends.
When I grow up: I would love to be a biomedical or chemical/biological engineer and help people and the environment by finding sustainable solutions to real-world problems.

Julia Taussig

Fundraising Director: Roz Reynolds
Home Town: Boise, ID
Major: Civil Engineering Minor: Spanish
For Fun: Playing ultimate frisbee and soccer, skiing, hiking, biking, and swimming, and anything that involves being in the mountains
When I grow up: I want to have a fulfilling career in either water resources or structural engineering. I hope to figure out the my ultimate destination through trying out different career experiences and I hope to travel as much as I can.

Roz Reynolds

Publicity CO-Director: Stephanie Higgins
Home Town: Highlands Ranch, CO
Major: Mechanical Engineering
For Fun:  I love watching movies and just relaxing with a nice cup of hot chocolate and popcorn. 
When I grow up: I want to travel around the world and giving a help hand to those in need. I want to make an impact on a community and have a meaningful career.

Publicity CO-Director: Jocelyn Bryant
Home Town: Fort Collins, CO
Major: Civil Engineering
For Fun: I am the President CSU chapter of ASCE. As a native Coloradoan, I love to ski, hike, backpack and just about every outdoor activity. Last fall (2012) I co-oped in Parker, CO with Western Summit as a Project Engineer Intern.
When I grow up: I want to be happy, and passionate about what I am doing. I am going to be in the US Navy as a Nuclear Engineer, running the reactors/engines on an aircraft carrier.

Jocelyn Bryant

Outreach Director: Chelsea Brandenburg
Home Town: Mosinee, WI
Major: Mechanical Engineering
For Fun: I enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, and anything I can do with my dog
When I grow up: I would love to be involved in the design and development of consumer products. I want to implement innovative ideas that are functional and efficient, ultimately make the user's life easier.  

Activities Director: Alexa Garfinkel
Home Town: Englewood, CO
Majors: Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
For Fun: I like to go on hikes, hang out with friends, watch movies, read books, and much more.
When I grow up:  I hope to inspire and educate high school students engineering based classes. My high school physics/engineering teacher did this for me, and I hope to do this for others as well. I am also interested in working for a medical company and to help improve people's lives everyday. 
Alexa Garfinkel

Membership Director: Emily Valerioti
Home Town: Houston, Texas
Majors: Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering
For Fun: Dance, Run, Read, Craft
When I grow up: Work for Lockeed Martin conducting experiments on the ISS (international space station)

Engineering College Council (ECC) Representative: Hannah Mikelson
Home Town: Monument, CO
Majors: Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering
For Fun: Playing field hockey and hiking
When I grow up: Be an engineer, but am undecided as to what exactly. Something that involves problem solving and helping others.



Academic Advisor: Terry Comerford
Title: Director, Engineering Success Center
SWE CSU Student Section Adviser


Terry Comerford

Professional Advisor: Judy Gates
Title: Staff Engineer in the Engine Systems Technology, Platforms and Proposals Departmentat at Woodward Governor Company

Judy Gates

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