Engineering Science

Are you interested in an interdisciplinary engineering major that is adaptable to professions such as medicine or law? Would you like a broad-based liberal arts education while pursuing an engineering degree? Do you want to work in space engineering? Does combining engineering and physics appeal to you? Perhaps a major in engineering science is for you.

Engineering Science is an interdisciplinary major that allows students to acquire a strong base in mathematics, the physical sciences, and engineering fundamentals while pursuing a broad background in other areas of interest in preparation for specialized careers or graduate studies.

Three concentrations are available:

Engineering Physics

This concentration prepares students to work in high technology areas in which solid engineering training, combined with a broader background in physics is valuable. Through technical electives, students can specialize in modern laser physics, solid-state electronics, or energy conversion. Technical electives are chosen from computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, and physics.

Space Engineering

The space engineering concentration provides students with a broad background in civil and mechanical engineering as it relates to space exploration. The curriculum is based on a firm foundation of engineering disciplines, applied mathematics, and computer science.

Engineering Education

The engineering education concentration provides students with the engineering and teaching experience to enter junior and senior high school laboratories to teach engineering design principles and concepts in an exciting technology education classroom.

Dual Degrees

The Dual Degree concentrations are five-year dual-degree programs in which students earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in the liberal arts and a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Science.

The Liberal Arts concentration is a 5-year joint program where students train for an engineering career that includes a broad liberal arts curriculum in social science or arts and humanities. The International Engineering concentration, also a 5-year joint program, requires a student to minor in a foreign language and study abroad in a region of the selected language. Regardless of the engineering flavor selected, engineering science graduates are well prepared for a professional career with a greater than 90% pass rate on the Fundamentals of Engineering professional exam.