Professional Learning Institute

Announcement from Associate Dean Tom Siller

"The College of Engineering at Colorado State University is taking a creative new approach to developing engineering professionals for the future. Borrowing from our industry constituents, we created a student oriented Professional Learning Institute (PLI) that develops the breadth of professional skills required by the engineer of the future (National Academy of Engineering. 2004; National Academy of Engineering. 2005). Instead of taking a piece-meal approach to incorporating professional skills into the degree program, we built a co-curricular program that incorporates a wide range of skill development. This PLI is designed to be similar to the model used by the engineering profession where a breadth of topics and use of multiple delivery modes is used.

"There is little debate about the need to develop engineering graduates with skill sets that go beyond the technical capabilities covered in the traditional curriculum. In the NAE reports cited above, the global competitiveness of the US depends on a new generation of engineers with skills appropriate to function in a global profession. Additionally, the value of diversity to students' education is also well documented (Orfield and Kurlaender 2001; Chang, Witt et al. 2003; Milem 2003) "

Tom Siller, Associate Dean of Students and Academic Affairs

Vision of CSU Engineering Graduate