Engineering Student Technology Committee (ESTC)

Frequently Asked Questions

Explain these acronyms: CFT, ESTC, UCFT, UTF, UTFAB, UFF, UFFAB
  • CFT: Charge for Technology - the charge collected by individual colleges just for technology related equipment in that college. the actual charge varies by college (see the UCFT web page)
  • ESTC: Engineering Student Technology Committee - the committee that oversees the CFT for the College of Engineering
  • UCFT: University Charges for Technology Committee - oversees the CFT process at CSU and maintains the CFT manual. The manual outlines the oversight and use of the funds collected from the charge.
  • UTF: University Technology Fee - the "tech fee" collected by ASCSU and managed by UTFAB
  • UTFAB: University Technology Fee Advisory Board - manages the university "tech fee" (see the committee web page for details)
  • UFF: University Facilities Fee - the facilities fee collected by ASCSU and managed by UFFAB
  • UFFAB: University Facilities Fee Advisory Board - manages the university tech fee
note: all three of these fees have a different set of valid expenses, but may be leveraged together when a project warrants.

What is the ESTC?
The Engineering Student Technology Committee (ESTC) is charged with the management and distribution of the Charge for Technology (CFT) paid by students in the College of Engineering. It reports to the Dean of Engineering and is governed by the CSU Charges for Technology Manual. The ESTC sends representatives to the University Charges for Technology Committee, the governing body for the CFT process at Colorado State University.

How do I contact the ESTC?
Please contact one of your departmental representatives. If your department has no representatives, please contact the head of your department. If you are a member of the college's administrative staff, please contact one of the ex officio members.

What is the current charge for technology for Engineering students?
Each full time student, graduate and undergraduate, is assessed a charge of $170 per semester.

What is the "tech fee"?
The "tech fee" refers to the university technology fee that is managed by the University Technology Fee Advisory Board (UTFAB). The ESTC has no involvement with the tech fee and only manages the charge for technology (CFT) for the College of Engineering. Folks who've been around awhile will occassionally erroneously refer to the CFT as the "tech fee".

How is the ESTC membership determined?
Students and faculty members are appointed by the chair of their department. There are two ex officio members, meaning that they are on the committee by virtue of their position. The two ex officio members are the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Director of Engineering Network Services.

How is the Charge for Technology fund spent?
The ESTC develops a budget for the next year at the end of each academic year. In most cases, the funds are distributed to the authority of others, for example the departments or Engineering Network Services. The funds retained by the ESTC are then disbursed during the year in which they are collected. For more detailed information, see the reviews of each academic year.

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