Everybody needs to know about thin clients!

Thin client Photo The thin clients provide access to all computing resources in the College of Engineering, regardless of operating system. Even better, they provide a mobile desktop, which means that all your stuff can be accessed from just about anywhere.

Students who learn to use the thin clients early on find themselves way ahead of their peers in computing expertise and software knowledge. Get acquainted with them here and use them as soon as you arrive on campus!

What's a "thin client"?

It's a simple networked device that displays a server-hosted desktop. They're inexpensive (compared to a traditional desktop PC), easy to manage, and get you the same experience wherever you go. You'll use these devices just like a desktop PC in the Engineering computer labs or electronic classrooms, and in your dorm room in the Academic Village.

Find out more about these devices here.

What do these devices connect to?

The thin clients connect to the Labs Windows Desktop. Just like a desktop computer, you will have engineering software, web browsers, and everything you need to get your work done. The thin clients have exactly the same software as the desktop PCs in the labs.

Mobile sessions

You can keep your login session active and take it with you to any other thin client in the computer labs. Your session (regardless of what kind of software was running) will be right where you left it. (How do I do this?)

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