Engineering computing resources

A good engineer knows how to optimize computing resources for a particular task. The following links provide the details to what resources are available to you as an engineering student.

  • Thin clients: the gateway to most engineering resources
  • Computer Labs: There are 15 labs on the main campus and at the Foothills campus that have 24x7 access for engineering students. In the labs, there are approximately 180 thin clients, 170 computers, 20 printers and plotters, and a wide assortment of peripherals and hardware tools (follow the links above for more details).
  • Software: Over 80 engineering software packages are provided for the engineering disciplines.
  • Borrowing equipment from ENS: ENS provides equipment available for loan at no cost, including laptops and projectors.
  • Compute Power: Need to run a multi-threaded program or let that MPI parallel processing job run for a few weeks? The thin clients provide native Solaris and Linux access to over 200 CPU cores and over 400GB of RAM.
  • Network file space: Network file space is provided for students personal files, for class files, and for project collaboration. Students get 6GB of file space by default, but will receive more when needed for advanced coursework.
  • Printing: As an Engineering major, you will start each academic year with print quota to use in the computer labs and classrooms. This quota is funded by student fees.
    The following types of printers are available for your use:
    • Black & white laser (up to 11 x 17 duplex)
    • Color laser (up to 11 x 17 duplex)
    • Large Format Plotters (up to 60" posters)
  • E-mail: Undergraduates are provided with a Google Apps account and an email address of This email address comes with a set of communication tools that includes a personal website, chat, applications that give you the ability to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and calendars in a collaborative fashion.
    Faculty, staff and graduate students are provided email service through Microsoft’s Office 365 and it is administered by CSU’s Academic Computing and Network Services (ACNS).
  • Virtual Computer Lab: Connect to engineering computing resources from anywhere in the world with internet access!
  • What keeps it all going? A number of staff and student employees and about 150 servers with over 500 CPU cores, about a terabyte of RAM, and over 40TB of disk storage and backup.
  • Purchasing computer equipment
    If you do decide that you want to purchase your own computer, we can help you determine the best option for your computing needs.
  • Reserve a room for group work or presentations
    If you are looking for a space where you can work together with a group or present a project, you can reserve a room from the link above.

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