BME combined with Chemical & Biological Engineering

Colorado State University bachelor’s of science degree in Biomedical Engineering (BME) combined with a chemical and biological engineering (CBE) degree, typically draws students interested in using biology and chemistry in engineering.

Our BME+CBE program has an emphasis on process engineering and also prepares students in diagnosing and/or treating diseases (e.g. cancer or tuberculosis), using medical devices that incorporate biology or chemistry (e.g. blood oxygenators or biocompatible materials in advanced wound-healing techniques), or working with advanced BME technologies such as artificial organs including skin.



BME+CBE Comprehensive Curriculum Guide

BME+CBE Curriculum Checksheet

BME+CBE Technical Electives



About 20% of BME students are in the CSU Honors program. BME+CBE Honors curriculum check sheets are provided below.

BME+CBE Honors Track 1

BME+CBE Honors Track 2