BME combined with Mechanical Engineering (BME+MECH)

NOTE: The BME+MECH pathway is considered a competitive major; admission requirements are higher and there is an admission cap. Apply early, as enrollment is limited.

Colorado State University bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering (BME) combined with a mechanical engineering (MECH) degree draws students interested in applying mechanical engineering principles to biological systems to analyze and design devices such as exercise equipment, prosthetic limbs, exoskeletons that work outside the body to enhance functionality of the body externally; or work with orthopaedic implants or biocompatible materials that work inside the body to enhance or replace bone or soft tissues.

Undergraduate Program Book


BME+MECH Comprehensive Curriculum Guide

BME+MECH Curriculum Check Sheet

BME+MECH Technical Electives



About 20% of BME students are in the CSU Honors program. BME+MECH Honors curriculum check sheets are provided below.

BME+MECH Honors Track 1

BME+MECH Honors Track 2